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Organizational limitation
Today, people share lots of information through social networks and it transforms the way we learn. Yet, in our schools and companies, most knowledge transmission is done in a centralised, top-down fashion.

This generates passivity and disengagement at work.

It can be done differently. When peers learn from each other, they are engaged and learn more.

We have tried it, and it works !

Unique participative learning experience
We are different from TED conference, or MOOCs – the Massive Open Online Courses. Our courses are not based on one speaker talking to an audience, or one individual lecturing thousands of anonymous people far away. We help peers to learn from each other in small groups.

When they learn from each other about project management, python programming or meditation, in a participative way, they connect, show interest or passion, grow on their strength, or positive characteristics, collaborate or innovate, to the benefit of the organisation.

Our training programs and web application help groups to organize their learning.

Unique Benefits
For organizations

"I really got energized by the group and learnt to be a doer, not a thinker."
Lexin​ (Lyon)
Latest research on Gallup* on engagement shows that most engaged workers are 20 percent more profitable and productive than the least engaged ones.
Talent development
"I have found a safe space where I can grow on my interests and strength"
Arlette (Paris)
WAP sessions enables participants to grow on their strength. Seventy percent* employees states that they are more engaged when their manager focuses on their positive characteristics.
(Cross-Cultural) Integration
"I have better connected during one day with strangers than I have for 6 months with my team"​
Imane (Lyon)
Intercultural teams get to know and appreciate each others for better performance & culture​
“I realized that learning together is fun + more powerful than learning from a trainer. Doing is what makes you learn the most"
Matthieu​ (Lyon)
Though management courses might be more directly related to work performance than kickboxing, for example, any learning opportunities contribute to the goal of creating a culture of collaboration and innovation
Our offer
We will help you implement a peer-to-peer learning program inside your organization.

1) Identify talents and interests in the group
2) Train them to transfer their knowledge
3) Organize the sessions and courses

We deliver our offers in all its forms: single or regular intervention, face-to-face, blended, or online program, credited course, one year program, mobile or web application

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WAP Data

3000 participants
have been part of
WAP sessions
Discover pictures about
our sessions.
For + 80 %
WAP is the lighter, trigger, accelerator, "click" for personal change
More than 30 forums
all around the world in 10 countries. France, Switzerland, Romania, Korea, China, U.S. ...
+ 65 % of participants
wants to faciliate WAP sessions in the future

“I realized that learning together is fun + more powerful than learning from a teacher/trainer. Doing is what makes you learn the most"
Matthieu, EMLYON
"For me, it was the "click" that allowed me to do what I have always wanted to do professionnally"
"I have discovered the potential of my passion. Instead of being bored or cynical about my subject, the group was so encouraging and eager to find out more. It gave me true confidence"
Malak, La MYNE
WAP Story
After years of leading educational events, Diane Lenne realised that too much focus is spent on curriculum, organization, logistic and speaker sourcing, to the detriment of the experience.

So, Diane and her sister decided to try an exclusive, participative experience, they called "On Top of Hills" : three days in Switzerland with a group of 10 from all over the world, with a program written based on each participant’s talents and interests!

For many participants, these sessions were the trigger for change. To give a context to the forums, she created a course at the EMLYON Business School in Lyon that she led for the first time in December 2015. From professors’ and students’ feedback and backed by researchers, they created an online program. In February, the course was inserted in the school curriculum. In June, after participating to a workshop about the digital transformation of universities, they were invited by French Education Minister Najat Vallaud Belkacem, to inspire more schools.

Since their first experiences with WAP, many organizations have expressed a need for more collaboration and knowledge sharing between teams. In October, WAP will launch pilots in these organizations in Shenzhen and Paris to accelerate learning.

They speak about us
People behind WAP

Diane Lenne
Keya Luo
Julie Ballon
Diane Lenne
Social innovation pionneer,
extrem sports enthustiat
and WAP founder.
Keya Luo
After successfully growing WAP
in China, she is now involved in
product design, UI design, communication &
community development
Julie Ballon
Californian pioneer entrepreneur,
awesome entrepreneurship
professor, co-facilitated the 1st
WAP program, now involved in business dev

Audrey Jammes
Aurélien Guery
Xiangqun Chen
Audrey Jammes
Pioneer in social change, Consultant
and specialist in collaborative systems,
she redesigned the educational program
in collective intelligence
Aurélien Guery
He designed the branding image,
inspired by WAP mission.
He likes to build things
Xiangqun Chen
As an information and technology
teacher and certified MIT Master Trainer
in Educational Mobile Computing, she
supervised the development of
the app prototype

Advisors & Mentors

Thierry Picq
Aurélie Vincent
Manuella Hachet
Theresa Leigh
Dean EMLYON Business School Author in organizational change and innovative learning
Aurélie Vincent
CEO Embody Executive strategist Speaker Coach for TEDx
Manuella Hachet
One of the most sought consultant in mental health, specialized in talents and addictions
Executive Professor, Scientist at Harvard and SU, social innovation expert and entrepreneur

Nicolas Hernandez
Vincent Ricordeau
PHD in philosophy
CEO 360 learning, nbr One Corporate MOOC platform
CEO KissKissBankBank,
the leading collaborative platform for funding innovative and creative projects

Our Partners
Trusted by the best educational institutions and players in innovation.


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